Worcestershire Inter-Faith Forum (WIFF) came into existence as a response to the London bombings of July 2005.

Those who came together then were sure that much of the fear and prejudice people were feeling sprang from ignorance. So we began to offer well attended Courses such as “Understanding Islam”, organised visits to places of worship and, most importantly, hosted events where people from different Faith communities could actually meet, talk to each other, eat together and tell stories. This kind of “encounter” remains central to what we are about.

In the years since 2005 we have sought to witness to a “world of friendship”. We offer advice to statutory bodies, participate in Holocaust Memorial Services and encourage those seeking to reach out to others.

Recent highlights have included two conferences organised in partnership with Holland House in Cropthorne. The¬† first in 2015 met with the title “Sharing our treasures” which revealed how much we can all learn from each other and how much we have in common. The second in 2016 , also at Holland House and in partnership with the Worcester Diocesan Criminal Justice Group, was entitled “Faith in Criminal Justice”. One participant said, ” it brought Inter-faith dialogue beyond level one”!

In the summer of 2016 we hosted a fabulous Inter-Faith Picnic at Holland House. The sun shone. Crowds of people came. The food was universally appreciated. Someone said, ” It was a glimpse of Eden!”

Recently the Bishop of Worcester wrote,”This whole work is crucial for all sorts of reasons- not least the survival of the human race and the planet. I don’t think I am exaggerating.”

WIFF attempts in a small way to meet that challenge in Worcestershire.

Our group includes men and women from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Faiths, Hindus, Baha’i , Unitarians, and Buddhists. We have close links with members of the Sikh religion too.

We would warmly welcome increased participation and be glad to hear from those who share our vision and would like to join us.

You can also keep an eye on the inter-faith activity of WIFF and our associated members by visiting the events page and or supporting us directly by coming along to one of our events.